Katlan The Stay at Home Mom

  • Boy mom x2
  • Dog mom x2
  • Cussy gentle parent
  • Plant medicine friendly
  • Co-sleeping and public breastfeeding

I first became a mom in 2018 when I gave birth to my first son Jameson via an emergency c-section. I was one semester from graduating with an English for Secondary Education degree-the dream of the woman that I used to be.

Then everything changed.

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After Jameson’s first latch, I knew that I wanted to stay at home with him. This was a HUGE decision for my family because we were broke college kids. My husband was still recovering from his major ear surgery and I was still recovering from the trauma of being sexually harassed by my college track coach.

Fast forward to today, 3 years later, and we’re living in a house that we OWN, making 6 FIGURES, and spending most of our time with our kids.

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