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I published this site before finishing it??

Sure did love

I’m a mom which means that I have very little time to do anything other than wipe assess and wash laundry. I wash NOT fold the laundry-that’s my husband’s job. Yes, my husband is responsible for housework. If you have one, your’s should be too.

My hands are only free when my baby is napping or my husband is watching our kiddos, neither of these happens as often as I would like them to. So, yes I published this site before a normal person would because I want to get my content out there as soon as possible so that I can begin helping mothers.

Though I have very little time to do so, I have a lot to say and I’m working really hard to make sure I’m heard.

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Things I Will Add to The Site

  • Mindset Workshop
  • A shop of all of my fave things
  • A podcast
  • Content creation tips
  • Downloadable guide for managing anger

Work in Progress

Currently, I’m working on a book in which I discuss my life as a stay at home mom battling postpartum rage- I plan to complete this in 2022.

I receive several DMs on IG, asking me for advice with battling postpartum rage, so I’m also thinking about creating an online program for mothers who need help managing their rage. Send me a message to let me know if you’d be interested in joining!