Journal 3: The results of bullying: I Finally Accepted that I don’t have to be the “cool kid” at the young age of 27- I’m 27, right?

Mary Jane has done it again. I’ve had yet another construct altering epiphany that guided on the path to a state of healing 🙌

I’ve been lying online

I didn’t create my image online to best serve the motherhood community. I did it to make money.

I want to become an influencer so that I can live out my dreams, not because I want to create a great life for my children.

And I say this because if I truly wanted to give my children the best life possible, I solely focus on love. If you had been a fly on a wall during the last 8 months of our lives, you would have noticed that love was always a priority.

For months I’ve put what felt like all of my energy into building a platform online. Need proof? Come visit my house.

It is a COMPLETE mess and my parenting is too.

I want to continue writing because I don’t feel like this post is finished, but I’m going to stop here so that I can start living my truth.

**perhaps I’ll finish it tomorrow.

**^ look I’m already living a lie 😂

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