Journal 1:The Realities of Being a Mompreneur

I’ve decided to start journaling online to hold myself more accountable. I often say that I love writing, which is true, but I hardly ever make time for it right now.

I’m so busy.

Building a Business While Raising a Family is Extremely Difficult

Currently my days are comprised of wiping asses, washing laundry, cooking three meals for a toddler who doesn’t eat, creating content for multiple media outlets, feeding my baby on demand, trying to build a biz, positively impact the motherhood community and SO MUCH MORE.

Saying I’m exhausted is not strong enough of a word to accurately define what I’m feeling.

Part of me wants to stop and just do nothing because it’s so relaxing- I can’t remember the last time I fully stopped and did nothing.

Even when I’m focusing on relaxing because it improves my mental health, my brain never stops working. While watching tv I’ll be thinking about all of the content I want to create.

Write a book. Build a post rage support course. Start a podcast. Create a village of strong women.

I want to accomplish so much but I have very little time to do so-or so I tell myself.

I quickly become stressed out when I think about everything that I want to create because I tell myself that I’m already behind. When truthfully, I’m wrong.

Sure, many moms have already built an empire from home, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t too.

The whole reason I started doing this is because I couldn’t find anyone else who is.

I want to give up, but I’m not going to because I also want to succeed. And more importantly, I want the women I seek to help to succeed as well.


Thank you for reading my diary-16 year old me would cringe if she knew that I let you.

I think I’ll record a Vlog next time! Drop a comment if you’d watch it.



Lez be social 🙂

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