Social Media Helped me Rediscover Myself

This one is for the mothers who believe that they have to hide parts of themselves online in order to successfully build a strong following to achieve their goal of becoming a mom influencer.

When I first re-joined Instagram, after spending nearly a year away from it, I created an account to make mom friends.

When I type this, I am not lying. I literally only have one friend. She lives an hour away and doesn’t have kids so sometimes we struggle to connect.

I was insanely lonely so I dove deep into the mom blog realm of Instagram in search of online friends who can relate to what I’m going through.

At first, I was really happy that I was making connections. I quickly noticed that many moms are actually making a living online and decided that I wanted to do the same.

I put my MA Communications to work. I used what I learned to build a brand that others could relate to. I also studied top mom influencers to learn how they built their communities.

Unfortunately, while trying to build a following, I lost myself even more. Instead of focusing on my voice, I created content that I thought others wanted to see, but don’t get it twisted.

Creating content to attract others does not imply that I was being inauthentic. I completely support every piece of content that I’ve shared. I’m not saying that I lied. I’m saying that I didn’t include important parts of myself in my presence online in fear that it would prevent me from becoming an influencer.

So, How did Social Media Help Me Find Myself?

While attempting to empower the mothers in my community, I simultaneously empowered myself. Every time I shared a post, I felt closer to the woman I used to be. And overtime my content shifted. I went from being a stay at home mom who discusses postpartum to being a stay at home queen who’s open about being a bisexual wife and cannabis mom.

I’ve spent most of my time on Instagram, but TikTok is the main reason I shifted my mindset. I love Instagram as a platform, but I feel that the motherhood community on Instagram isn’t as genuine as the motherhood community on TikTok is. Though many moms on Instagram claim that their main goal is to normalize motherhood, I argue that their main goal is to generate an income.

I’m not trashing moms who make money on Instagram. Heck, I want to be one of them. However, I am trashing moms who pretend to be something that they’re not in order to make a profit. And yes, that does imply that I’m somewhat trashing myself.

Again, I never lied, but at one point my end goal was to make money and because of that I wasn’t authentically me.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Check my record. I REALLY want to delete my old content on Instagram, but I’m not going to because it’s apart of my journey. If you start from the my first post, you’ll notice the shift.

Where do we go From Here?

We keep moving forward. We continue to strive to change the narrative for not only what a good mom looks like but also for what happiness looks like. “Life is not a one size fits all” states Linda Fruits, the OG Queen of normalization.

And she’s 100% right. Your life is not supposed to look exactly like my life. The only character trait that we absolutely need to have in common is happiness.

So, figure out what makes you happy and go for it!

Thank you for reading my post. Leave me a comment so that I know you were here! I genuinely want to connect with you & I value what you want to say.



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