Top 3 Reasons I Co-sleep With My Children

After struggling to get my first son, Jameson out of bed, I told myself that I would never co-sleep again. Yet here I am nearly 7 months into co-sleeping with my second son, Kason.

So, why do I still do it?

Honestly, I originally decided to co-sleep with Kason for connivence. I exclusively breastfeed. I breastfed Jameson for 2.5 years and I plan to breastfeed Kason (despite our struggles with breastfeeding) for as long as he wants to.

Because I breastfeed, it’s easier for me to pull a boob out while laying in bed when he wakes for a feeding instead of having to get out of bed to feed a crying baby. We’re both happier this way. I get more sleep & he gets more peace.

I also co-sleep for peace of mind. I really struggle with anxiety. If Kason didn’t sleep with me, I’d stay up all night wondering if he’s okay.

My favorite benefit of co-sleeping is obviously the warm baby cuddles. Snuggling my baby through the night drastically helps reduce my stress and makes up for (most of) the shit that he puts me through during the day.

Often, I find myself rolling over and wishing that Jameson was still sleeping in my bed. I miss the comfort that only comes from the bond that you develop from co-sleeping with your children.

Some nights, I actually sneak into his room to squeeze in a few snuggles. And most nights I quickly regret this decision when his eyes pop open & he refuses to go back to bed. Yet, I still find myself sneaking into his room at least once a week.

Recap of Why I Co-sleep:

  1. Convenience
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Warm baby snuggles

Cons of Co-sleeping

The biggest issue with co-sleeping is how difficult it is to transition your kiddos out of bed.

While pregnant, my husband agreed to take over Jameson’s bedtime routine by transitioning him into his own bed. But (as usual) he was unsuccessful. My husband didn’t transition Jameson into his own bed until after we brought our newborn home.

Jameson had always slept with me so I knew this goal would be difficult. I was prepared to him hear cry a few nights, but I wasn’t prepared to hear him scream out my name over & over until he fell asleep. Nor was I prepared to feel as empty as I did once he left my bed.

It was emotional for all us. I desperately wanted to console my toddler but I couldn’t because I had a newborn to feed. At this point my husband was forced to step up because I wasn’t going to come in & save the day per usual.

Lack of intimacy with your partner is also a con of co-sleeping. My husband supports my decision to co-sleep but he doesn’t trust himself to co-sleep with our kiddos so he doesn’t sleep in bed with us.

My husband has chosen to sleep on the couch, even though we have a guest bed, for almost three years. At first, I thought this would ruin our marriage but it hasn’t. Our intimacy levels are down but honestly we’re both okay with it because we’re both tired af.

We still have sex but like most parents, we have sex a lot less often than we did pre-kids. We find others ways to be intimate that aren’t as draining as sex. And yes, we’re still very much happily married.

Discomfort is another downside of co-sleeping. It can be very difficult to find a sleeping position that is both safe for baby & comfortable for me. Typically I sleep facing my baby with my arm under his head. This is fairly uncomfortable for me because I prefer to sleep on my belly. But I choose the discomfit over having to get out of bed to feed my baby.

Recap of cons of co-sleeping:

  1. Less sex
  2. Uncomfortable sleeping positions
  3. Hard to transition child out of bed

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3 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons I Co-sleep With My Children

  1. Frances Patrice December 6, 2021 / 6:05 pm

    My kids are now 9 and 6 and we still co-sleep sometimes!! Mostly because if my daughter or son has woken up more than once and I’m tired af, I don’t want to keep waking up multiple times a night. In our kids room my son has a full bed while my daughter has a twin so sometimes I will go and sleep in the full with my son because it keeps both kids asleep and in bed all night 🙌🏼
    100% for co-sleeping. One day we’ll have our bed back 😜 and when they do there will be no regrets because at that point we’ll probably be old people wishing our kids were still babies and wanting to snuggle with us

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katlan Thomerson December 6, 2021 / 11:58 pm

      I love all of this! I’ll have to remember that bed sharing tactic once my youngest gets his own bed. I noticed that you’re the person that sleeps with your kids, does you partner too? Now that I co-sleep with our youngest, my husband sleeps with our toddler when he wakes up. It’s really nice because I only have to worry about one child throughout the night.


      • Frances Patrice December 7, 2021 / 2:38 pm

        Yes absolutely! On the nights that my husband and I actually get to sleep together in our bed (lol) if my daughter comes in, it’s usually our daughter, there are some times where he will go sleep in her bed and she will sleep with me in ours. It just kinda depends on the night.

        Liked by 1 person

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