Motherhood is Hard Because the Standards are Wrong. It’s Time to Learn New Ones.

Transitioning into motherhood is hands down one of the most challenging times in a woman’s life. We desperately want to reach out to others to talk about the things that we’re going through but many of us don’t because we’re taught to believe that most of the topics that we want to talk about are taboo. This belief is wrong.

No part of motherhood is taboo. Everything that you’re going through is normal. Postpartum depression, body confidence issues, over stimulation, and feeling touched out are a few of the many things that most mothers experience but are too scared to discuss because they fear that they’ll be labeled as a bad mom.

You are a good mom

The fact that you question whether you’re a good mom shows that you’re a good mom! By questioning your decisions as a mother, you’re using self-reflection which gives you the opportunity to make sure that you’re trying your best. It also promotes growth.

Motherhood is rooted in continuous growth.

Everyday that you wake up, you’ll learn something new. Maybe today you learned that you have a new postpartum rage trigger. Perhaps tomorrow you’ll learn how to best approach your toddler when they’re upset.

Give yourself grace, you’re trying your best. You are not a bad mom, you’re not the problem. Its the dated standards that you’re using to judge yourself as mom, that’s the problem.

So, how do we fix this issue?

We start by changing the narrative around motherhood.

Instead of blindly obeying dated standards set by society, we should redefine & modernize what it means to be a good mother.

We’ll begin by normalizing the parts of motherhood that society wants you to believe are taboo. We’ll share our stories and discuss the topics we’re told to hide.

Join me?

Share your stories in the comments.

Together we’ll pave way for new standards so that current & future mothers know that what they’re going through is normal, not taboo.

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